The agile comms handbook

The agile comms handbook makes lots of references to websites. This is a complete list of all the links mentioned in the text, chapter-by-chapter.



Everyone is already too busy, most of the time

Agile comms is fast and flexible

Agile comms creates layers of information

Agile comms moves as fast as the work does

Show how you make the humbugs

Working in the open means being open about the work

Collecting raw materials to help you show the thing

Why you should blog, and how to do it well

Blogging is a state of mind

Communicating with slides

Communicating with video

Creative writing in corporate life

Establishing an agile editorial process

Use the words that humans use

Tips for writing

Making plans for agile communication

Agile comms for internal comms

What leaders can do to help

How to set up a creative team

Agile comms is ok

Yes, it really is.


The agile comms handbook
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